Monday, October 6, 2014

Into March

 Let's see, I left off last time just getting back from St. Maarten. Which would put us in March of 2014.  We immediately started in on the house inspections, seller documents and making sure the loan was moving forward for the new house. BUT...

In the midst of this, Bart was offered a job up in SLC. The first thing I thought was, "If Bart's taking a job in SLC, we have to back out of this house. I hope we don't loose our earnest money".  We decided to NOT accept the job offer though. It just wasn't right for us even though I would have loved to move to SLC and be closer to family.

Things progressed with the house and everything moved forward easily and quickly.  We ended up closing on the house the beginning of April. The previous owners daughter wanted to rent the house back from us for a couple weeks while she finalized buying a house.

Bart loves to work outside.  She was so happy tearing out bushes

Our spring, up until we got the keys to the house, was a good routine.  Bart went to work and Dutch and I went to the gym. Can I tell you how much I loved the Provo Rec. Center.  It was close, new, had child watch and great classes.  I truly loved it.  A couple times a week we would meet up with Bart for a quick lunch, then Dutch and I would come home a nap.

One of our lunches with Dad at Subway. Thanks heavens for the $5 foot long.

Our little Burger King.

 I started napping everyday with him from about 30 weeks on.  The entire family got sick over Easter and it really just wiped me out.  I had to stop doing zumba because it was just too much cardio and jumping. Luckily there was a yoga class at the same time that I just started going to.  By 39 weeks I was still able to go to the gym.  I did yoga, pilates and swimming-I really just bobbed in to pool but it felt great because I was so hot.  I was so hot my entire pregnancy actually.

Sick on the couch for Easter.
Our attempt at an Easter Egg hunt

Learning to right a strider bike

This spring Bria, Brecken and Mailey also came to visit from St. Louis.  We spent lots of time up at Mimi's playing with them and having adventures at Red Butte Gardens and the Children's Museum.

 By the end of April the new house was vacant and ready for Bart to start remodeling. My parents, Bart's parents and one of our friends Shaun came down for a "demo day", and cousin Anna came and watched Dutch.  They basically ripped up all the carpet and trim in the living room, hall and bedrooms and tore out the entire old kitchen.

When we bought this house I assumed I would be able to help with the demo and painting and little projects like I had on past houses but I had braxton hicks contractions every time I tried to do anything.  Thus I ended up sitting on the floor or a camp chair and watched.

 Well nap time is over.  At least I am trying to get caught up. :)


Colin and Katie said...

I love seeing all of the pictures! Keep up the bloging, then in doesn't seem like we're so far away :)

Nee said...

I too am glad that you started to blog again. I am glad that you took pictures of the house re-do. Someday you will be glad for all this info that you kept.

Rosie said...

You're back! Yay! I should probably update mine... but its so overwhelming...