Tuesday, January 22, 2013

6 month review-just a tad late

New NICKNAMES: Fuzzy Wuzzy, Mr. DutchMan, Mister man
Nicknames that stuck from last time: Little man, Love Bug,  Bumski and Dutchy.

Look at my fuzzy wuzzy hair!

6 MONTH Stats:
26.5 inches---50%
15lbs 3.5 oz.---25%

FAVORITE THINGS: Dutch loves stuffing anything he can in his mouth-fingers, hands, toes, stuffed animals, chew toys. blankets, burb cloths, paper, chip bags, books pens and markers, his own binky, spoons/forks/knife, camera, cellphone and he especially loves eating the ties on moms sweatshirt or jacket.

He put in his own binky sideways...he fell asleep chewing on the side not the nipple
He does a funny wiggle his head and body thing. We first noticed it when he was lying on his back but now he does it when he sits or even on Bart's chest-needless to say he has a bald spot on the back of his fuzzy little head.

Dutch is ruining his onsies and outfits because he is pulling on all the necks and stretching them out.

Dutch has a love/hate relationship with noises. He knows what sound the door to his room makes both opening and closing- and that noise usually means mommy or daddy are coming to play. He loves the crinkling of bags and his toy books. He doesn't quite know what to make of coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose, cupboards banging, or loud cars driving up the road. Dutch did not like Grandpa Leeflangs vacuum up at Bear Lake or mommy's blow dryer-both scare him and make him cry.
Bad vacuum!

AVERAGE NIGHT SLEEP: 12 hours!  About 3 days after he was 6 months he started sleeping 12 hours a night. Can I tell you that I almost feeling like a real person? 

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Saw the cardiologist, had his first IV, made it through his first IV sedation and echo cardiogram. Yep, mom cried.

Eats squash, applesauce, bananas and rice and oatmeal cereal. We also managed to get more applesauce and oatmeal cereal up his nose than boogers.  We had to suction out his nose so he could breathe :)

Dutch SITS all by himself and loves bouncing in his exersaucer

"I love to play with dad, mom's boring"

PLACES HE'S BEEN: Pizzeria Limone

NESS: I am learning just how hard it really is to be a working mom! I'm also learning how to change your frame of mind between being a mom and nurse practitioner.  I also am feeling much better...ie, not crazy, since I've started sleeping 8 hours, and I'm not reading the news or talking politics. Plus, I also asked Bart to try to be optimistic instead of pessimistic.

BART: If Dutch has an explosion it can be hard to get his poopy clothes over his head without smearing it all over his head.  I don't think I'd make the qualification heat in the diaper changing olympics.....  Don't tell mom, but dad used about 5 to 6 wetwipes for every poopy diaper change.  I might be a diaper changing failure.  But I think Dutch loves me anyway.


Matt and Joanna said...

i love his fuzzy head! i can't believe how fast his hair is coming in. i'm so happy for you that he's finally sleeping again! yeah for sleeping babies. i also love your new furniture, rug and mantle decor. it's been a long time since we've been to your house, hopefully we can see it (and you) again soon.

Leslie said...

He is starting to look so grown up. Am I ever going to meet him while he's still a baby???

Why did he have to see a cardiologist? I'm assuming nothing big or you would have mentioned it.

Yay for optimistic husbands :)

Brian and Lindsey said...

He's such a cute little guy. It's fun to see him grow up. It's totally true about feeling like a crazy person when you not getting sleep Canessa:) Sounds like Brit's behind Dutch on the sleeping cuz he's only averaging 8 hours when I'm lucky. And Bart, I think 5-6 wet wipes is par for dads. I wonder if Brian doesn't go through more sometimes. Duch looks healthy and happy.

Amy said...

I confess, I aways used a lot of wet wipes! Love that you are keeping track of the nicknames. Isn't it fun how they keep changing? He is a cutie!