Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Furlough (noun): 16 days when Bart is forced to stay home and cannot go to work. So he works around the house and yard like a madman.

Bart built this AWESOME table! He designed the table, built it and did all the finishing.  It is beautiful and helps the kitchen look complete. Don't worry, it only took 2 times as long as it should have because we ended up re-sanding and staining the entire thing because we hated the glaze the first time. Gotta love projects.


This is what our office looked like when we originally bought our house. Bart has transformed it into it's own space and was able to finally make his shelves, closet doors and desk so that it can officially be called an OFFICE.


We have some huge trees in our yard and I was not about to have Bart climb them and do the pruning by himself...even though  he assured me that he could. So he got a tree company to come and I must say that it made a big difference and our trees look nice and healthy.


Bart did a ton of other things while he was home but I didn't think to take photos.  He didn't know when he would go back to work so he would hurry as fast as he could to start and finish a project in case they called him back to work the next day. Dutch and I liked having Bart home. Dutchy now looks at me numerous times throughout the day and says "da da?" I can't blame the kid for liking daddy the most, and at lease he says "ma ma" now.


Colin and Katie said...

Man, Bart can surely get some work done! Everything looks great!

Amy said...

Too bad you can't clone Bart and rent out the clone...